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Kranzle K 1152 TS

The 1152 TS is built on a robust two-wheel rotation moulded chassis designed to take rough ground in its stride.

The machine comes with 10m professional quality high pressure hose, newly upgraded starlet 4 trigger gun with quick release coupling, variable jet lance and dirt killer lance with quick connections.

The TS machine is equipped with the ‘Total Stop’ system which turns the motor on and off as the user pull and releases the trigger, a feature which greatly increases the service life of the machine.

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The 1152 series are very powerful semi-professional cold-water high-pressure cleaners.

The machines in this range perform at 10 litres per minute water flow and 130 bar pressure.

They are suitable for heavy duty domestic work and light industrial applications.

These machines have a fast-revving high-performance motor and are designed to be fed with water from a tap. The machines is fitted with pressure regulator with operating pressure adjustable from 30bar to 130 bar.

There is a complete range of accessories available including patio cleaners, foam cannon, rotating brushes etc.

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